Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Swiss Offshore Bank Account Safety

There is safety in having a Swiss Offshore Bank Account as the Swiss are people are proud of their banking heritage.

The Swiss National Bank has one of the largest reserves of gold bullion to back up its currency. Banks in Switzerland have the obligation by law to keep any and all information about their clients strictly confidential. Secrecy rules are zealously enforced throughout the banking industry. This is especially true when it comes to civil matters. The Swiss constitution clearly defines and protects these secrecy laws. Any banker or bank employee in the country who reveals information about clients will be severely prosecuted under the law. Worldwide litigation-happy society, asset protection and estate planning are the main reasons for seeking a safe and secure banking center in Switzerland. People maintain Swiss bank accounts for the privacy and security they provide. No government, tax service, creditor, or agency can ever access information on your account unless you commit a crime in Switzerland.